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Team members working on the VEX Robot

Our team is ready to build robots and compete in robotics competitions. The following amounts of funding this season will determine what we are able to accomplish:

Amount Impact
$4,000 Allow us to purchase materials, motors, and sensors to build this season's VEX U robot.
$6,000 Allow ~6 members to travel to a VEX U Qualifying tournament.
$6,000 Allow ~6 members to travel and compete in the VEX U World Championships (anticipated qualification).
$4,000 Allow us to purchase materials, motors, and sensors for progress on our CoffeeBot during Fall 2023.
$20,000 -Total-
$20,000 goal for 2023-24
19% reached

Tax-Deductible Support

Monetary Funds

You can donate online to us through the University of Alaska Foundation by going to https://bit.ly/uaaroboticssupport. Check donations may be mailed to the UA Foundation at 1815 Bragaw St., Ste. 206 Anchorage, AK 99508. Checks should be made payable to the UA Foundation and “UAA Robotics Academic Support” should be noted in the check memo.

Your monetary gift will be receipted by the University of Alaska Foundation and is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Feel free to reach out to uaa_icebergrobotics@alaska.edu with any questions or comments.

Donations In-Kind

Donations in-kind are a special form of donation. If you are giving a good or service, the process for acceptance is a bit different. Please email a summary of the gift to be provided to uaa_icebergrobotics@alaska.edu. An authorized UAA representative must formally accept your gift in order for it to be official.

As a means of practical application, your gift summary will be submitted to a club representative or the club faculty sponsor (Dr. Masoumeh Heidari). Dr. Heidari, or another authorized representative, will accept the gift if it meets the internal requirements for UAA (e.g. the gift is needed and we have a place to store the product).

From there you are free to give the gift, track its value, and UAA will follow up with a notice of acceptance. UAA will not appraise your gift.


If you would like to give flights or miles, please contact uaa_icebergrobotics@alaska.edu. However, please note that flights or miles are not tax-deductible through the University of Alaska Foundation.

Donation Tiers

To recognize your support, we have created support tiers for the 2023-2024 season. We greatly appreciate all donations!

Team members working on the VEX Robot

2022-2023 Funding Grants & Events

 VEX Parts
UAA Special Project Fund & Club Council Fund
Sep 2022

$4,515.79 to fund the initial supplies needed for the VEX competition.

UAA Inner tube Water Polo
UAA Inner Tube Water Polo Event
13 Oct 2022

We won $150 for the team by competing and tying in a water-polo game!

Bake Sale
Bake Sale @ Pack the House UAA Volleyball Gam
5 Nov 2022

We raised $494.04 from selling goods and won an extra $500 from a raffle for clubs.

Bake Sale
Bake Sale @ UAA Hockey Games
5-6 Nov 2022

We raised $510.17 and watched our home team win!

REC Grant
Dec 2022

We won a REC grant to provide a VEX competition field and extra supplies.

Soldering Workshop
Flower Sales at Graduation
18 Dec 2022

We partnered with Blossoms Express to sell flowers and we raised $1,219.80!

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